Improve Your Balancing Act

Improve Your Balancing Act

No matter what we might think, most of us really don’t get enough good stuff in our diets, and we get too much of the bad. This can take a massive toll on gut health, slowing digestion and elimination, and creating an environment that wouldn’t be called “healthy” by most living things.

Enter Tiao He Cleanse. The name means balance and harmony and refers to the way your gut will feel and function apres cleansing. Think about it… Balance is a vital part of life. And whether you’re balancing meals, tires or income statements, it’s all about finding balance.

Let’s get your insides balanced too. The Tiao He cleanse program combines six powerful Nature’s Sunshine products, and each plays an important role:

  • Black Walnut contains bitter compounds that help stave off invaders who don’t belong in your gut. It helps support a healthy intestinal environment no matter where or what you’ve been eating.
  • Burdock Root traditionally supports digestive health.
  • Cellular Detox features gentian, cascara sagrada, slippery elm and other botanicals that promote toxin removal.
  • Chinese Liver Balance Concentrate supports your body’s most important filter, and it may offset stress.
  • Lower Bowel Stimulator has been renowned for decades for its ability to encourage elimination and naturally allay constipation.
  • Psyllium Hulls promotes gut health and waste elimination with soluble fiber.


  • Enhanced digestion
  • Intestinal regularity and elimination
  • Waste and toxin removal
  • Reduced stress
  • Liver cleansing
  • Important soluble fiber for gut health
  • Improved energy and well-being

Everyone deserves to feel clean, fresh and rebalanced. Let Tiao He show you how.

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