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Nature's Sunshine

Bee Pollen 100 caps

Bee Pollen 100 caps

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Want a natural energy buzz? This responsibly-sourced whole food is 22% protein, and provides beneficial flavonoids and other nutrients.

  • Provides a whole food energy boost
  • Traditionally supports respiratory health


Bee pollen is true gift from Mother Nature. It contains many essential nutrients. The Greeks called it the “nectar of the gods.” Bee pollen contains up to 35 percent complete protein, 22 amino acids, B vitamins, 27 mineral salts, trace elements and several enzymes. NSP Bee Pollen is naturally dried to preserve vital enzymes.


Our bee pollen is non-GMO and sustainably sourced from hives in rural regions of China. This energizing nutrient is also Kosher-certified, and it’s thoroughly examined for a litany of pesticides, heavy metals and microbes by both our supplier and the Nature’s Sunshine’s QA team. Clean, natural, good-for-you ingredients open the door for you to feel the power of nature.


Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, prescribed bee pollen for its healing properties. And Roman, Chinese and Egyptian civilizations revered and enjoyed this unique nutrient.

Bees accumulate pollen on their legs as they visit flowers to gather nectar. Pollen is sustainably harvested when they return to the hive. A screen placed over the hive entrance gently removes the pollen granules from the bees’ legs as they crawl through. This allows for pollen collection with no harm to the bee.

Modern research shows that bee pollen provides a wealth of nutrition, including protein, carbs, lipids, minerals, flavonoids and traces of vitamins.


Take 2 capsules with meals twice daily.

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