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Ollois Arnica Montana 30c (m

Ollois Arnica Montana 30c (m

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of the most popular Arnica. Includes 12 tubes of Arnica Montana 30c, 80 Pellets. Caddy, ideal for Off-shelf placement! Includes 12 units of Olloïs Vegan, Organic, Kosher Arnica Montana 12c, 80 Pellets. Arnica Montana 30C is traditionally used for pain from muscle soreness, stiffness, swelling - bruises. Recommended for Chronic and General Pain.* Vegan Organic Kosher Organic verified by Alpes Contrôle 2021/A03M216K/1 Dosage: Dissolve 5 pellets under the tongue, 3 times a day *Disclaimer Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated. Not guaranteed to be effective. A homeopathic dilution may not be susceptible to scientific measurement.

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