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Nature's Sunshine

Power Beets

Power Beets

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These aren’t your grocery store beets. We use nitrate-dense Tibetan Beetroot, amplified by patented, proven botanical blends, resulting in the most potent and delicious beet formula you’ll find anywhere.

  • Boosts nitric oxide, enhancing blood flow for exercise, energy, heart health, brain power and more
  • Daily wellness, performance nutrition with prebiotics, polyphenols & antioxidants
  • Only $1.75/serving!

Power Beets was formulated by Nature’s Sunshine herbalists, scientists, and health practitioners to provide maximum circulatory nutrition that helps with energy, stamina, focus, fatigue, blood pressure levels, and supports gut and immune health!


Power Beets works in three ways:

  1. Our proprietary, nitrate-packed beet root powder activates nitric oxide (NO) production. Nitric oxide improves circulation, leading to greater energy, vitality, recovery and focus.
  2. Our clinically studied antioxidant blend protects nitric oxide to support healthy circulation and total rejuvenation. You’ll feel the difference.
  3. Our nutrient-dense formula includes B vitamins and vitamin C to support energy production and blood vessel health.


This unique superfood formula features super beets thoughtfully sourced from high Tibetan plateaus. At 10,000 feet above sea level, the 40 degree (F) average temperatures provide the ultimate growing conditions, and the sky-high soil is uniquely rich. We partner with generational farmers who have truly perfected their beet-growing craft.

Beyond the beets, you’ll discover our exclusive, patented blend of polyphenol-rich botanicals like green coffee bean and green tea leaf extracts, turmeric, blueberry and other heart-healthy plant foods. In fact, Power Beets has an unmatched depth of clinically studied ingredients. With great flavor from the real fruit ingredients, instead of sugar or artificial sweetener, it’s truly delicious.

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